Skateboarder today architect tomorrow

Dog-lover today veterinarian tomorrow

Inventor today engineer tomorrow

Step 1

Figure out Your dream career


Step 2

Make a Plan and make it happen


Step 3

Live an Awesome Life


Welcome to Unlock My Future

If you're looking to rock the whole "real world" thing, then you've come to the right place. Here you can find potential dream jobs based on the things you already love to do, figure out which schools are best for you, find ways to help pay for college and more. Interested? Then meet the LOSFA 5-Point Match tool. You can use it to find your personal career code and tons of other resources to make unlocking your future that much easier. It all starts with you!

LOSFA 5-Point Match

Unlock Your Career Path And Get Paid For What You Love To Do!

If you've found your career code, you're already off and running with the LOSFA 5-Point Match tool! It’s all about discovering what you do better than anyone else, and turning what you love into an actual living. Make sure to check out the My Keys section for a bunch of resources that will guide you through the other match points and help you to create your career prep plan. These will all play big parts in helping you create the roadmap for your future.

As you can probably tell, the LOSFA's 5-Point Match tool helps make sure Louisiana kids like you have everything they need to prepare for awesomeness in school and beyond. You’re in the driver’s seat now–where you're headed is all up to you!